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Annette D. Madlock, Ph.D.

Author, Educator, Writing Coach, Women's Health Advocate, Encourager of Dreams

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My Story

Dr. Annette Madlock is a 2x breast cancer survivor with a zest for life. She has thrived through all that goes along with the medical trauma of multiple surgeries, chemotherapies, radiations, mental anxieties, and all the things that are spoken and unspoken, seen and unseen that go with living with and through breast cancer. She has taken that experience and passion for life and shared it through her work with The Pink and The Black Project and Sister Circle Writers. The Pink and The Black Project is an outlet for her to share information on the latest policy and legislative news in women's health awareness and advocacy for health equity. Sister Circle Writers works with women to coach them through the writing process, either academic or creative nonfiction, to help women get the words out of their heads and out into the world. Dr. Annette Madlock is an independent scholar, university professor, and Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change Academic Research Fellow. She completed her doctoral work in Communication and Culture at Howard University. Dr. Annette is an award-winning author with over 40 publications and over 45 national and international professional presentations and workshops. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with family and friends, and of course, travel.

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Dr. Annette Madlock

Dr. Annette Madlock

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